Finally arriving

Finally arriving

Finally arriving

Underlying thoughts of people:

„If you’re constantly changing, then you haven’t arrived yet… don’t you want to arrive at some point…?“


The only constant thing in life is change – the natural process of life. This is the only way you can learn and develop towards yourself. Through change you can reflect, de-condition and recognize yourself. Through change you gain insight into yourself as you can recognize the limitations of your mind. You don’t have to arrive somewhere, nor do you always have to do it yourself. But if you think like that, you will also act like that and resist the natural process of life. Everything is temporary and it’s not about your outside world, but your own inner world. You already are, you don’t have to arrive anywhere for that. The deep peace – the “arrival” – can be recognized in you. Neither to be found nor reached in your outside world.


My experience

Get clarity about your thinking and that everything is constantly changing. I always consciously embrace change because that is my life. I’m curious and act accordingly, that’s the only way I learn. To do this, I don’t have to “arrive” anywhere in my outside world or feel at home. My home, my deep peace is within me, independent of my own outside world and what and how I do something – in movement or rest, active or passive. For me, everything is part of my life and therefore determines my life. And you too can decide what you think, how you think, act and create your life.


Do the following

Get clarity about your mind and what it tells you to do. If you think that you have to get somewhere so that you can find peace, this is a fallacy of your mind. You believe that you can find peace through your external world, but the only “place” where lasting and true peace exists is within you. Regardless of your own outside world, your identifications and what you do.

Be aware that everything is constantly evolving. Nature, animals, plants, the earth itself… and people. Everything is impermanent. But if you as a human being resist this natural development process within you, then you will automatically suffer. Because you will think like you always do, be like you always do, and act like you always do. You don’t develop further to know yourself, but limit your own life through your thinking and believe that you will get somewhere at some point.


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