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“Do you focus on a specific location in the body? In Zen they say that you should focus on a certain spot in order to find peace… „


If you want to find peace and quiet your mind, you can focus on a place in your body. But here too, recognize your mind, which is looking for support through a certain focus. The mind searches, holds on, wants to focus and you direct all your energy into focusing through your mind. To find peace and recognize your thoughts, you can do this. But be aware that you are focusing all your energy on a certain spot at that moment.

Perceiving the present moment is what the mind wants to understand but will never understand. The presence of the natural moment, the deep peace in the present moment is what you will not find in the focus on a specific place. You will still find it in your mind. You can only use this focus to recognize your mind. The being of the present moment, the natural flow of life, the basic trust in everything is what you will not find or understand in your mind. It is the clear moment that you can recognize but cannot understand. It is the actual state of naturalness.


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So be aware of the focus of your mind, which also wants to hold on through the focus. You can therefore focus to find peace. But you cannot find the present moment by focusing in your mind. The current moment is when there is nothing to understand or focus on. Don’t even try. This state of clear moment and space of freedom is already within you. You don’t need to focus on anything or anyone.

If you do not yet recognize this deep peace, then you are always sending your energy into your mind, living in unresolved issues and identifications of the past or future, instead of in the here and now. Gain clarity about your mind and subconscious issues and realize that deep peace and the state of being cannot be found in the focus of one place. Focusing only serves as a means to an end for you to find peace and thus be able to perceive your thoughts.


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