Forgiving yourself

Forgiving yourself

Forgiving yourself

Underlying thoughts of people:

Do you have any self-forgiveness videos? E.g. when you can no longer apologize. With people who are no longer there?”


You can let go of the feelings of guilt that exist within you even when people are no longer in your life. Because know that these thoughts and feelings of guilt are only happening within you. Therefore you don’t need the other person. This is primarily about you and your behavior towards someone else – no matter what that may look like. Forgiving yourself and other people and admitting that an apology is necessary is a great strength. Because you are honest with yourself and want to free yourself.


Do the following

Conjure up the situation in your mind and make it fully aware of it. You don’t have to do anything about it, just think about it and feel through these feelings of guilt – forgive yourself. Don’t think about why they are there, but live through them consciously. Thank or apologize to yourself and the other person. Consciously let go of these thoughts and feelings and free yourself from them. In this way, I also resolved my issues and forgave myself and other people. No matter what my behavior and that of other people was towards me.

To do this, use a quiet place where you are for yourself and detach yourself from your mind, find peace and forgive yourself and others. You don’t have to do anything about it, just make yourself mentally aware of this situation, live through it consciously, say what you want to say and then let it go. Do this for as long as necessary and for as long as you see fit. But then consciously let go and don’t hold on to it any longer. Deep peace is within you, all of this takes place only in your own thoughts and feelings. You only have this moment and you have to live this moment fully. Far from your own feelings of guilt, which were stored in you long ago through an experience in your past.


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