How can I make the right decision?

How can I make the right decision?

How can I make the right decision?

Underlying thoughts:

“Maybe I’ll write down pros and cons, what I liked and what I didn’t, right?”


Every topic that you want to evaluate with pros and cons is happening in your mind at the moment “now”. And doesn’t let you perceive the moment, but instead directs your energy into your past. You live in the “now” in the past. You want to evaluate an event that has already happened instead of letting go of the past.

So if you want to write down the pros and cons of a situation – also for your future – then you believe that you will gain clarity through the evaluation and act based on your reason. A past or future challenge that you are paying attention to right now instead of recognizing the here and now and being clear about what needs to be done in this moment.

If you are unsure about a decision in your life and want to make pros and cons lists, be aware that you are directing your energy into your mind to find out whether this is the path for you. You think about a path in your life instead of acting directly and intuitively. Because deep inside you already know your path, but your mind blocks you and you think.

Change begins when you no longer think the way you did yesterday. And in every moment you can act intuitively or make direct and conscious decisions. But be careful of your mind and your thoughts about the past or future. Because they will always take you out of the present moment.


Do the following

There is only now. Therefore, get clarity about what your task is at this moment. Act intuitively, do what brings you joy and interests you and don’t think about whether something seems better or worse. Use your mind wisely to guide your actions and recognize yourself in the triggers of the outside world. Then you no longer need pro and con lists.


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