How to deal with uncertainty?

How to deal with uncertainty?

How to deal with uncertainty?

Underlying thoughts of people:

“I don’t understand these processes. This stresses me out because I’m in the dark and don’t know what will happen next…“


You identify so strongly with your mind that you want to understand everything and are therefore afraid of the unknown, your future. Know that you have a mind, use it wisely, but don’t let it rule you. Because that automatically causes suffering. If you want to understand everything and know the unknown now, then you are living in your future now. You constantly worry about what could, should or should happen – a compulsion to control. You therefore constantly direct all your energy into wanting to understand your future, which can cause discomfort and fear in you.


Do the following

What you truly know and can know is what is happening now, in this moment. Have faith in your life. See the unknown as an opportunity and not as fear, then you will live in peace. Don’t let your thoughts control you and disturb your inner peace. Find peace within yourself and realize that there is only the present moment. Here you can clearly and consciously decide for yourself how to proceed. Consciously direct your energy to do now what you want to manifest in your future.

Get clarity about your mind and what it is doing to you. You can realize that there is only now and everything is uncertain at any time. Nobody knows what is coming or what will happen tomorrow. Accept that every person lives permanently in uncertainty at every moment, because who knows what is happening in our outside world. Therefore, the only thing you can truly change is your mind’s attitude and assessment of the situation and doing what is necessary to counteract the fear.


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