Manifesting happiness

Manifesting happiness

Manifesting happiness

Underlying thoughts of people:

“I feel so uncomfortable in my apartment and in my surroundings, but I keep getting rejections. I manifested, thought positively… nothing helps.”


Your life is primarily not about your external world, but about your own internal world. Your life always gives you what you need to recognize your thoughts and feelings. Because if you want to change or achieve something out of lack, you will receive lack. Your impatience with pressure to achieve or demand something makes your life seem even slower. You feel stressed, annoyed and your life is reminding you to listen – to recognize the suffering you are causing yourself at this very moment. No matter where you are, where you live, what kind of job you do, it’s always your attitude and your assessment of the situation. You feel uncomfortable within yourself, but primarily that has nothing to do with your outside world – it’s important to let go and find peace, because you’re living in deprivation right now.


My experience

During the time when I felt uncomfortable in my own body, in my home, in my environment and in my life, I caused myself suffering. I didn’t accept the situation, didn’t live out the moment with abandon, but rather resigned and fought against it within myself. But what is the point of living a life of suffering with your own thoughts and feelings? Nothing. I suddenly realized this, let go of everything and surrendered to the situation in my life.

No matter what was happening in my outside world, I let go of thoughts and feelings of resentment toward my situation. I soon began to see the beauty in everything again, even though nothing in my outside world had changed. And that I paid attention to my dark sides. It’s not what we do or where we are, but rather our attitude towards the situation. Living dreams, desires and gifts, doing what you enjoy, manifesting and visualizing is up to you.


Do the following

Know that your life gives you first what you need and then what you want. Stop focusing on thoughts of lack and pain and instead focus on the beautiful things in life. In this moment, fully accept your situation as it is. Live this moment with devotion and direct your energy into the fullness of the present moment.

You can decide and change this every day, but don’t live in lack. Because lack and negativity also attract lack and negativity. And know that the universe is always working for you: whether positive or negative thoughts. Deepest subconscious wishes come true, especially when you don’t expect them or think about them. Live with devotion, with positive thoughts about the present moment. And you wouldn’t believe how quickly the universe works for you once you decide to do it.


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