Nutritional supplements

Nutritional supplements

Nutritional supplements

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“How do you feel about supplements?”

Nutritional supplements

Everything you consume has an impact on your body. You can recognize what brings you and your body well-being, a certain lightness and vitality. Be aware that there is a lot of knowledge about nutrition, but you alone decide – consciously or unconsciously – what you eat and drink. Because it is your body and your well-being. Pay attention to what signals your body sends you before you eat something. What can you perceive? Does it give you the vitality you need to live a life of ease or does it bring you heaviness and put a strain on your system? Before or after eating, you can immediately see what is good for your body. Listen to him, what does he need in order to let the best possible energy flow?

Knowledge from other people, recommendations from other people and knowledge from research can be found everywhere. Today you can find out about many different nutritional options and decide for yourself what you consider to be right for your body. Experiment, find out what benefits you and be aware that other people’s knowledge does not have to correspond to your own. You alone decide about your body, what you feed it, when and how much food you consume.


My experience

Many of the illnesses that I suffered were caused by my lack of mental peace. Illnesses such as malaria, cysts, fainting, dizziness… made me listen – I was forced into peace by my life. No diet or supplements helped me. So be aware of your own thoughts, whether you are living in the present moment, how you feel and what you are sending out. What you eat, how much and when. Because all of this determines your life and has an impact on your body.


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One thing is certain: Healing begins when you find peace – recognize the present moment. Letting go of thoughts and feelings of resentment, anger, pressure, stress and dissatisfaction. Diseases develop when you do not pay attention and energy to your own life, your body and your well-being. If you don’t follow your nature and listen to what your life has to tell you. Energy can flow freely when you are free in your mind and unconscious processes no longer prevent you from recognizing the peace within you. And that has nothing to do with your food intake.


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