Underlying thoughts of people:

“I am a perfectionist. … ( ) … I can then change everything all the time and never be finished …”


If you think you want to be perfect, this is often related to a need to control, fear and feelings of being rejected. You believe that if you don’t do something perfectly or do something wrong, other people will reject you and judge you for it. You cause your own suffering through an unconscious compulsion to control that you live within yourself in order to avoid rejection from those around you. The thoughts of perfection, of wanting to do everything 100% right, make you rethink things over and over again.

Your mind is frantically busy trying to counteract everything and everyone with perfection. You want to please everyone, do everything right, not be rejected and unconsciously live in a compulsion to control. You don’t trust yourself, your life and other people, but your life takes place mainly in your mind.

But it is what it is. Without mistakes and pain in life, you do not develop further and thereby recognize yourself. Mistakes promote personal growth. Admitting mistakes is your greatest strength because you are being honest with yourself. Know that when you find yourself in perfectionism, your mind has control over you.

You send all your energy into your thoughts of wanting to do everything right and perfect, instead of letting go of your mind and realizing that it is lulling your being into control. Having faith in life is a gift that is given to every person. Nothing just happens, it’s a coincidence that brings us to what is meant for us.


Do the following

Use your mind wisely, but don’t let it control you because issues of rejection will make you believe you have to do everything perfectly. Recognize the perfectionist’s controlling thoughts and that you decide how much energy you give to the thoughts of perfection. Let go of your mind and have faith that you can learn and know yourself through mistakes. Therefore, keep everything in balance: to be confident and to use your mind wisely. This will save you a lot of pain and time.


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