Physical well-being

Physical well-being

Physical well-being

Underlying thoughts of people:

“How do I know what is good for me and my body?”


If you try to understand what is good for your body at this moment, what brings you well-being, then you direct your attention to your mind. You want to understand through thought, rather than withdrawing energy from your questioning mind, noticing the moment and your body.


Do the following

Be aware of how your body feels at the moment, what it needs in order to allow the best possible energy to flow. Notice what it needs: rest, exercise, care… You can recognize what brings you physical well-being if you listen and no longer just want to understand it in your head.

Stop wondering what your body needs. Don’t identify with him, but acknowledge him and what he needs to be in the best possible condition in harmony with your life. Your body needs rest and exercise. Be aware of the balance between the two. If you are in harmony and balance with your mental and physical condition, then you will be very clear about what you need and when. What is good for your body and brings you well-being. You will recognize this when you find peace and notice your body instead of constantly wondering what seems to be good for it.

For physical well-being, I do natural sports, long walks in nature and yoga. I give my body rest, use saunas and massages. I consciously use everything that is good for my body to care for and cleanse it.

Be aware that the human body is a natural miracle. You alone are responsible for him. Take care of him and give him the well-deserved rest and exercise to live your life in balance. Because if you don’t do this, he will show you at the latest through physical complaints that you are not in harmony with nature and your life. Listen to him, he will show you exactly what he needs, because your body is nature – your nature.


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