Positive thinking

Positive thinking

Positive thinking

Underlying thoughts:

“A lot of things annoy me and I often only see the negative. So when I’m not feeling well, do I think positive thoughts?”


If something annoys you, if you are dissatisfied with yourself or a situation, it takes place in your thoughts and feelings. If you only see the negative, then this is your own perception and evaluation of a situation or a person. You only notice what you consider negative.

If you want to switch off negative thoughts and think positively, then that also happens in your mind. You send all your energy into your thoughts in the present moment – whether positive or negative. You are not conscious in the present moment, but rather evaluating a situation or a feeling – you are in your mind.


Do the following

Gain clarity about your thoughts and how you perceive your external world and your own internal world in the present moment. Because if you are in harmony and at peace with yourself, then you will also perceive your world accordingly.

Whether you have positive or negative thoughts – the fact is: you are in thoughts. You are sending all your energy into your mind instead of coming into the present moment, into the calm and peace without making any judgment in your mind. If you are aware of this, then you will also be able to control your thoughts and perception of yourself and your outside world. Because you generally recognize your thoughts and that you are evaluating something instead of taking it as it is right now.

So use your energy wisely and don’t waste it wondering whether you should have positive or negative thoughts. Direct your energy into rest or into completing a task that is necessary now. Then you are automatically in the present moment and no longer in your thoughts.


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