Resolve emotional blockages

Resolve emotional blockages

Resolve emotional blockages

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“Dear Sabrina, I would be interested to know how long it took you to let go of your emotional blockages etc.? Or do you no longer have to do that when you are as much in being as you are?”


Life has plans for you and if you listen carefully, you will know which path you have to take – beyond your own mind. But if you don’t listen to nature, the flow of life within you, then you will suffer. Because you act from your mind, do what other people tell you, which is their truth, because you are conditioned that way. But if you listen to yourself, to what that small voice inside you says, to what your mind will never understand, then you follow your path and automatically let go. Also your questioning mind. Through your own life flow you will recognize what your being means. What your purpose is for this life. Because you too have a task to fulfill, beyond what your mind thinks you are looking for.


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So don’t even try to understand how to dissolve and let go of emotional blockages. What your purpose is and why you are here or how long it takes to let go of all that. Because this question also takes place in your mind. If you recognize – quite simply – that it is your mind again and again that asks, seeks, achieves or wants to find, then you recognize the state of being. You detach yourself – quite simply – from your thoughts, listen to the silence and what needs to be done now. Beyond what you believe, what you think or feel. You therefore have thoughts and feelings. But behind them – in the silence – lies your path, why you just need to move your mind to silence, no longer ask or feel, but listen – into the silence.

You will recognize and let go of emotional blockages, ways of thinking and behaving along the way. That’s what happened to me. When you follow your inner voice, you realize what your task is and what you are here for. What brings you deep joy and fulfillment and is a blessing not only for you but also for other people. Because if you are completely at peace with yourself and your life, you just want to give, because your deep joy and energy represents meaning for other people.

Everything is constantly evolving, nature, you as a human being and consciousness. Just go your way, listen to yourself in complete peace, this is the only way you will dissolve emotional blockages and ways of thinking. Only in peace will you realize what your mind and your feelings are doing to you. Stop asking how long it will take. You only have this present moment and right now everything is as it is. No matter what you think, feel or want to achieve. Disconnect completely from your outside world. Detach yourself from thoughts and feelings. Realize that it is your mind that is asking and you simply recognize the moment and what is necessary to do in that moment.


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