Self-reflection vs. constant rumination

Self-reflection vs. constant rumination

Self-reflection vs. constant rumination

Underlying thoughts of people:

“It’s always so nice to get out of your head. How does it work all the time?”


If you are exposed to your outside world – unconsciously – if you send energy into your outside world and let yourself be influenced by television, smartphone, experiences, people, energies of your outside world and constant actions, then your mind will also be busy. If you are in a place where there is completely free energies and you can be in peace, such as in nature, you can move your mind more and more into silence. It’s up to you what and who you expose yourself to. And primarily you can detach yourself from feelings and thoughts of all kinds in the silence. Once you have reached a state of peace, you will always find your way back to it – even in the hustle and bustle of the big city.


My experience

We humans have a mind and we can use it against ourselves through constant brooding, but also through wise self-reflection. Don’t let him rule over us when we don’t have to think about anything right now. My mind was also playing tricks on me. Unconscious themes within me made me react to a wide variety of things and situations. But through experiences and constant self-reflection, I was able to find peace more and more. Today I no longer allow myself to be so easily carried away by the outside world and disturb my inner peace. I say what needs to be said or remain at peace. The latter often triggers more those people who are not at peace with themselves.


Do the following

The mind is completely natural. Thoughts come and go. Let them be there, but don’t make them your enemy. Use your mind wisely. Reflect on every situation that triggers you, because this is your issue and not that of other people. Find your peace more and more and you will also calm your mind more and more – until you have hardly any or no thoughts left and can stay with yourself in the hustle and bustle of the big city. We humans have minds and are the only living beings that can make conscious decisions. And great wisdom is to look at everything and let it be without making any judgments. To design your life the way you want it and to use your mind not against you, but for you.


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