Silence in the head

Silence in the head

Silence in the head

Underlying thoughts of people:

“Yeah, how do you quiet your mind? I felt like it wasn’t possible at all.”


You have a mind and thoughts. This is natural and completely human. But you can recognize and live in the moment by being alert to yourself and the moment. You recognize the present moment when you are not plagued by any unconscious thoughts about the past or future. If you want to perceive yourself and realize that there is only the now, then you need to achieve complete peace. As long as it takes to quiet your mind. Away from your outside world, your work and employment, other people, your consumer behavior, information through media, cell phone or television, etc… Then comes the observation of your mind, your feelings and what your mind is looking for, reaching for and struggling for.


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There are many methods that can help you access your subconscious: nature, meditation, energetic work, frequencies or just your own clear calm. The peace and quiet of a place where you feel comfortable and can perceive what is happening around you and in your body. Anything can be helpful. But don’t get lost in identifying with the methods, because your mind can quickly get lost in them too.

You can quiet your mind. But if you do not realize that you are stopping your mind, then you are in the mind and not at rest. If you ask questions instead of completely distancing yourself from your outside world and letting go of everything, you won’t find peace. Because you send all your energy into your mind. Be aware that your mind struggles in complete stillness. That he is constantly looking for something to do and can’t let go. But if you want to recognize the now, you have to completely dissolve the identification with your mind. Only then will you reflect on yourself in all other areas of your life. In the area of ​​nutrition, your sleep, your relationships, your work, etc…

You alone are responsible for what you think, how you think and thereby create your life. Use your life energy wisely to shape your life from yourself.


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