Technique for letting go

Technique for letting go

Technique for letting go

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“Oh and if you have a good technique for letting go, I would be interested in that too.”


There are many techniques, methods and tools for moving your mind to silence. Try yourself in all of these. See what is good for you and which variant you can use to move your mind to silence. The more often you use these methods, the faster you will be able to recognize and let go of thoughts and feelings. You arrive in the present moment, recognize it and let go. It is important for you to be alone for the time being until you can stay with yourself even in the hustle and bustle of the big city.


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Guided meditations can help you get started. After doing this several times, you will soon notice that you only want to perceive frequencies and no longer hear voices. You are looking for complete peace. Physical work, such as yoga and stretching, help you release tension that you have unconsciously built up in your body over the years. Because everything you have ever thought and felt – all experiences – are noticeable in your body. Everything that causes you physical pain has something to do with the way you think and feel. Because this causes – unconsciously – tension, stress and settles in the body. Therefore, use physical work to solve unconscious issues within yourself.

You will recognize deep peace, freedom, lightness and clarity when you have arrived in this moment. You will no longer be bothered by thoughts of the past or future, simply being knowing exactly what to do – use your mind wisely. Try this: No matter where you are right now, you can let go at any moment. Come into this moment now, notice what is happening around you and recognize what your thoughts and feelings are doing to you right now. Let go of the tension in your body and therefore your outside world completely. You can do this anytime and anywhere in your life. This is how you find your way back into the moment and into the peace of yourself and your life.


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