Tension and inner restlessness

Tension and inner restlessness

Tension and inner restlessness

Underlying thoughts of people:

“Tell me, could it be that I’m causing this tension and stuff myself? So I create this myself?”


Everything you feel, think and say takes place in your own thoughts. When you realize that it is you who is causing all the tension, pressure, stress and physical discomfort within you, then you realize your mind. Because everything your body shows you (here: tension) are self-made physical complaints that are happening unconsciously within you – only you create all of this through your thoughts.

If you send too much energy into your head, into your thoughts, you will permanently create reactions in your body that keep you in tension. You want to keep moving. You’re searching and running away from your tension. You don’t realize that your own thoughts are causing these reactions within you. Be aware of this. If you continue to be in this tension, it will soon become noticeable through physical discomfort. Diseases can result from this.

A thought causes a reaction in your body. Situations and statements made by others can trigger you and trigger reactions from your subconscious. If you consciously recognize this, you can bring unconscious issues into your consciousness through physical and meditative work, live through them and free yourself from them. Recognize your mind, which keeps looking for excuses and keeps you in tension so as not to listen. It is you who allows this to happen because you are not aware of it and are causing tension through your own thoughts.

Unconscious fears of rejection or not being recognized, being alone or being judged, not being enough, etc. are fears that keep you in tension. You can solve these issues by calming down with your mind.


Do the following

Try this exercise: Lie flat on your back on the floor. You stretch your arms and legs comfortably away from you. Close your eyes and merge with planet Earth below you. You don’t need anything or anyone, just you. Stay there until your mind calms down and you arrive in the present moment. Your mind will keep taking you out of the moment. Realize that this is your mind. Repeat this exercise again and again for as long as necessary.

And if you have arrived in the present moment, have moved your mind to stillness, then you know that it is you who controls your own life energy. You will also recognize your physical tension and how you create it yourself.


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