The mind doesn’t want to recognize

The mind doesn’t want to recognize

The mind doesn’t want to recognize

Underlying thoughts of people:

“Could it be that my mind doesn’t want me to relax?”


The mind asks a lot of questions and the fact is, if you ask yourself whether your mind doesn’t want you to calm down, then you are in your mind. You send all your energy into your thoughts wondering why something is the way it is. Instead of coming into the present moment and withdrawing your energy from the questioning thoughts.

The mind is so clever that you only recognize it when you have completely let go of it and stopped asking questions. But asking yourself whether your thoughts don’t want you to find peace leaves you in the unconscious. You identify with them. You send all your energy into your questioning mind and don’t recognize it. Instead of going into the silence and letting him be.

Your thoughts look for peace in your outside world. They look for distraction and answers. You realize that you have a mind, but are not one, when you stop asking or searching for something. Only in peace, in trust in yourself and in your life, will you find answers. But not in your mind. Because only your mind can see a simple thing in a complex way.


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You will therefore only find peace when you no longer ask how something works. Recognize that it is you who does not let go and wants to find peace. Don’t give your mind any attention and therefore no more energy. Only then will you realize that you are – quite simply – concentrating on your thoughts with all your attention.


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