True self

True self

True self

Underlying thoughts of people:

“Then I’ve never discovered my true self or who I really am?”


There is nothing to discover, find or search for. Your real “you” is what you believe it is. Because all your thoughts about yourself, about other people or about your true “I” are thought constructs that make you believe that you are someone, that you want to find something or achieve something – identifications. Your “I” is your self-image, which has developed over the years of your physical and psychological development, your upbringing, as well as your interaction with the people who surround you – your thoughts. And it still does today, even if you are not aware of it. Your real “I” is what you believe about it, because it only takes place in your thoughts. If you believe you are not good enough, you will think, feel and behave that way. If you believe you are a saint, you will think, feel and act like this…

Every person is a part of nature and the universe, there is nothing to think about. Man is nature and the universe, pure being – including you. Nature is constantly evolving and is also present deep within you. It tells you the path you have to take. The natural process of life – listen. Free yourself from thoughts and feelings that keep you from your inner naturalness, let go and recognize. If you are clear that everything is there within you, you can create your life from the inside out as you wish – in the eternal now.


Do the following

You can control your thoughts, feelings and behavior with your own life energy. Your life energy deep within you is the space from which creation occurs. The space you use to withdraw, away from your thoughts and feelings. Listen to what your life has to say to you and follow that call. No matter where you are in life now. But believing something compulsively out of your mind, wanting to achieve it, thinking who you are because others say so and you haven’t experienced it yourself, is unconsciousness and creates suffering. You think you have a true “I” – you identify with it – and you look for it instead of having your own experiences and recognizing your thoughts in them.

Because if you recognize, you no longer need to ask what your true “I” is, because you simply recognize your thoughts, how you evaluate yourself and other people and what you identify with.


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