Truly recognizing

Truly recognizing

Truly recognizing

Underlying thoughts of people:

“How does recognition work?”; “I don’t know how to recognize, can you help me?”; “I’m trying to understand, but it just doesn’t click…”; “How did you manage to realize that? I don’t know how that’s supposed to work…?”


If you ask yourself all these questions, you are simply sending your energy into your questioning mind. You want to understand in your mind, you are looking for a solution, you want to find or achieve. But be clear about this: If you direct all your energy into your questioning mind, then you are not recognizing the current moment, but are searching in your mind. You look for recognition rather than simply noticing that it is your mind that you are giving all your attention to.

Anders: You won’t realize if you ask all these questions. Want to find or achieve something, evaluate other people, want to change them or are looking for yourself. Because you are – quite simply – sending your energy into your mind instead of perceiving the here and now. Realizing that it is your mind that you give all your energy to. Asking conscious questions to gain knowledge is life. Unconsciously searching for yourself in your mind through questions is suffering. There is only the present moment. If you want to recognize this, you have to withdraw all your attention from your mind and perceive the present moment calmly.

If you don’t realize the present moment, your mind will be searching again. He looks to the outside world instead of perceiving deep peace within yourself. You will only recognize this when you let go of your identification with the mind and all the thought constructs. Only then can you detach yourself from your thoughts about the outside world and can consciously and with full clarity direct your energy from within yourself to where you consciously want it to be in the here and now.


Do the following

Notice the present moment and be clear about what you are thinking and what your mind is searching for. There’s nothing to look for if you want to recognize. You will not recognize it in your mind, but in your perception of the present moment.


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