Truth hurts

Truth hurts

Truth hurts

Underlying thoughts of people:

“Women always snap when you tell the truth.”


You have evolved to believe what you think. Every person is conditioned by their parents, guardians and environment, so they believe what others say instead of having their own experiences and realizing that there is not just one way. You also believe and think differently, which is why there is such a varied world in which we live today. But you don’t want to hear the truth about it, you deny it and deny it vehemently. This is because you believe you are your mind. You identify with your mind and believe everything you think.

Being free means that you are free in mind. Accept that everyone has their own thoughts, opinions and perspectives. All you can do is change your attitude towards how you react to the situation, a statement or the person. Depending on their level of awareness, people are open to hearing what is, or not. Then they vehemently reject what you say to them, because their truth would be destroyed with your statement.

You often find the truth “uncomfortable,” “hurtful,” because it hurts (regardless of your gender). This is logical, because you have built up this truth – in your head and in your body – and you won’t let it go. Recognize that it is what it is, then you can reflect on yourself. Therefore, be sure that it is also about “how” you say something to another person, asking them if you can enlighten them about what they think. And whether that’s the case or you just want to force your truth on him. Or simply pay no attention to the statements. Channel your energy into your calmness, remaining neutral, and letting the other person reflect on themselves.


Do the following

Make it clear to yourself that every person is at a different point in their life and often doesn’t want to hear the truth because otherwise their world would be destroyed. Accordingly, the only thing you can truly change is your attitude towards the statement or the person. Ask a person if you can tell them your truth, recognize HOW you say it and find your peace. Because if you are clear with yourself and in harmony with your life, then other people can automatically reflect through you.


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