Unconditional love

Unconditional love

Unconditional love

Underlying thoughts:

“So (being) alone…not expecting love from her?”


Hope makes you waste energy worrying about whether or not something is happening in your life. You are busy hoping rather than fully accepting a situation and letting it go, or reconciling the situation for yourself and for others through your own actions. Hoping for unconditional love makes you believe that another person is supposed to make you feel what you don’t think you have within you. Feeling attracted to another person can awaken and trigger a lot of things within you. Topics that you haven’t yet let go of within yourself.


So ask yourself:

  • … whether this person is just in your life to show you your own challenges (triggers)?
  • … are you just looking for a feeling that this person should give you in order to feel good?
  • … or whether it is true love? Since you are completely clear and satisfied with yourself and want to give unconditionally without asking for anything in return?

You alone decide how you deal with such a situation and how you act. But don’t waste your energy hoping that another person will give you unconditional love. Everything is within you, you don’t need another person for that. Loving unconditionally does not mean hoping for love, but rather giving love unconditionally to other people without asking for anything in return.


Do the following

Get clarity about yourself and your desire – your hope – you desire a feeling that you believe you don’t have within you. People can consciously be there for each other. But it’s not about subconsciously demanding something to make you feel good. You have to solve your own challenge. Then you also realize that you don’t need anything or anyone to feel good. Only then will your life show you the meaning of true and unconditional love and the person who will also love you unconditionally will come into your life. But before that, the search for love will only be a trigger for your own issues.


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