Wanting to change people

Wanting to change people

Wanting to change people

Underlying thoughts:

“I don’t understand why he does it like that…? He should do what I do, then things will work out better…”


If you want to understand why other people are the way they are and act the way they do, then you direct all your energy into your thoughts. You want to change other people, understand them, instead of being a role model for them through yourself and your actions. If you want to influence other people, you don’t start with yourself and set an example for them through your actions. This often leads to suffering.

You believe that it is better for a person to act like you do. Your evaluation and comparison of your own actions and those of other people allows you to decide whether an action appears to be good or not. But these are just your own thoughts evaluating the actions and behavior of another person. You’re asking someone else to do it like you, instead of giving them the opportunity to live through their own experiences.


Do the following

Know that there are many different ways to do something. And every person has different experiences. That’s why people don’t act the way you imagine. You can talk to him about it and consciously ask him if he would like any advice from you. But only he is responsible for how he handles the situation.

The human privilege is that we have minds and thoughts. We all have experiences that everyone copes with differently. And every person handles a situation the way they see fit. But we can be there for each other to learn from other people – to do it more efficiently and effectively, or not. You are only responsible for yourself and can be a role model for others through your actions and thoughts.


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