What is my purpose?

What is my purpose?

What is my purpose?

Underlying thoughts of people:

“Sabrina, I have a dream of owning a hotel, can you help me how to get there?”


Living dreams, wishes and gifts is a privilege that is only given to us humans. But losing yourself in it doesn’t let you live in the moment, but instead lets you stay in the mind in thought constructs of dreaming. You are sending all of your energy into your mind in the present moment instead of doing what is necessary now to manifest your dreams, desires, or gifts for the future. You wonder how you’ll manage to own a hotel or live your dreams. Instead of taking action now for what is necessary to fulfill that dream.


Do the following

If you want to achieve a goal and believe that you will be “happier” as a result, then that is just a construct of your mind. You are not in the present moment, but are now living in thoughts of lack. You believe that you are “more satisfied” with a goal that you are trying to achieve or possess – remember: if you do this unconsciously.

Be aware that contentment, happiness and your purpose already exist within you. No object, goal or person will be able to give you this feeling of deep inner peace in the long term. You yourself are responsible for your life. But believing that you will become free and happy through possessions, goals, wealth, a business or self-employment is a fallacy of your mind. Because you believe that you are at peace with your outside world through your identifications. This gives you pressure and stress as you have to maintain all the identifications.

Deep peace is found within you and not in a hotel. If you are aware of this, in the full state of being, you can do what is necessary to manifest a dream, a wish or even a gift in your future, in peace and in deep peace. But if you want to achieve satisfaction through a goal or wish, you live in the now with unconscious thoughts of the lack of the future. You are not consciously enjoying the present moment. Do what is necessary, but believe that you want to achieve something in your future through a thought that will make you deeply satisfied.

It’s just your mind searching, grasping or wanting to achieve something. If you are deeply at peace with yourself and listen to what needs to be done, then you also know the path that lies clearly in front of you. Recognizing your purpose and consciously living and implementing your dreams is the highest good you have been given. Listen to what your life has to say. You will recognize it deep within you, not in your mind. Then you just have to go this way. Therefore, use your mind, your dreams and your life energy wisely instead of letting them control you unconsciously.


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