What is the meaning of life?

What is the meaning of life?

What is the meaning of life?

Underlying thoughts of people:

“Sabrina, what is the meaning of life?”


My experience

People always ask me what the meaning of life is. They ask me why they are here and what they are (actually) doing here… People question their lives. This is neither good nor bad, but again, be aware that you are directing all your energy into your questioning mind rather than doing and living here and now, or finding your peace.

For me there are two ways of being in life: either doing, implementing, or being at rest. I follow the quiet voice within me – my heart – do what I enjoy and what the flow of my life tells me. Learn what I need to learn from the situation once I decide to do it. And then let the situation be – I surrender to the situation.

I can decide every day to do what I want and what I enjoy. Either I implement what I decided to do or I am at peace. But once a decision has been made, I no longer wonder whether the decision was right or wrong. I use my mind for self-reflection. But don’t ponder over a decision all the time.


Do the following

You are here on planet Earth to discover, to explore, to acknowledge your peace within. You are here to heal and bring everything into balance. Live your talents, gifts and desires. Don’t lose balance in your life. Go into implementation instead of channeling all your energy into your questioning mind. Do what is necessary right now in this moment to reflect on your life little by little. Make it the way you want with all your heart.

Do what interests you and implement what fills you with all your heart. Consciously direct your energy out of yourself to no longer question yourself, but to be clear to yourself that you have been given a life that is worth living. Travel, discover the world, get to know the most different cultures on this earth. Get to know people, observe them and be an inspiration to those who need it most.

Enjoy consciously and in balance and go into change again and again. Meet new people, do a job that excites you, or try something completely new. No matter your age, you can change your life every day – it’s just a matter of letting go of the old and moving into the new. Live your dreams, gifts and talents that lie dormant within you. Travel and live what you have to say. Because paradise lies in the way you think about your life.


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