Why do I feel so pressured?

Why do I feel so pressured?

Why do I feel so pressured?

Underlying thoughts of people:

“I can’t have that if he constantly puts such pressure on me. “It’s getting on your nerves…”


Know that no one is putting pressure on you except yourself. It is you who “feels triggered” and reacts accordingly. If you think another person is putting pressure on you, that’s how you think and feel. If you feel annoyed by the pressure you have created yourself, it turns into you blaming other people for your own issues within yourself. No one but yourself is causing pressure in you, be aware of it.


Do the following

If you no longer want to feel pressure and no longer be annoyed by it, then realize that these thoughts and feelings only take place within you and nowhere else. Find your peace, let go of the thoughts of the pressure and you won’t feel that way anymore. But if you continue to believe that other people are responsible for how you feel within yourself, know that it is you who are contributing to it.

Only now can you recognize your feelings and your thoughts and let them rule over you. Or live through it consciously in order to free yourself from it and find peace. Because only you are responsible for yourself and how you think and feel. You have to do one thing at a time, how quickly and with how much energy you decide. Don’t waste your energy in your mind worrying about how much pressure and stress you are causing yourself. Channel your energy into peace and calm, be aware of everything that needs to be done, but don’t let thoughts of pressure and stress disturb your inner peace. Then you will also recognize the game of life – just play it, at peace with yourself and everything.


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