Working effectively

Working effectively

Working effectively

Underlying thoughts of people:

“I suddenly have a mountain of work in front of me… ( ) … then I want to have everything done… ( ) that’s what’s already occupying my mind …“


Your perception corresponds to a “mountain of work,” but it is only your perception. What you think. You are giving your energy to a thought of judgment, which can create a feeling of stress in your body. If you want to have everything done at once at this moment, you are putting yourself under pressure. You think about having to finish everything now, feel pressure within yourself and evaluate the situation accordingly. Realize that this evaluation is in your head and you haven’t even started doing your task yet. It is you who is putting yourself under tension because of this assessment and believes that you have to get somewhere quickly. You are not living in the present moment, consciously perceiving it, but rather your thoughts are processing it quickly. This triggers surges of energy in you and puts you in physical tension.


My experience

I also constantly put myself under pressure to have to complete many tasks quickly. I mentally wanted to get somewhere or thought that I would be happier at the destination – that I would feel better when everything was done. Today I am aware of the present moment and my inner peace. I still enjoy working effectively and efficiently. But I realize that at the same time I can perceive and enjoy the moment. Carry out every task with dedication and put as much strength and energy into the task without losing myself in the process. I handle the issues little by little and without stress. Because I know that this moment represents my life and I can only complete one task at a time. What’s the point of putting myself under stress if it’s my life and my body that are suffering?


Do the following

Know that there is only this moment. Do one thing at a time – little by little. Whether you do this with pressure and speed, or in harmony and peace with yourself, is only up to you. Manage your life energy wisely and realize that you have control over how and when you complete a task. It is just a task that is given to you in your external world and should not disturb your inner peace. Complete one task at a time and realize that you can decide how much energy you put into completing a task. Work effectively by consciously directing your life energy to just one task that is in front of you right now, but don’t forget yourself. And this is how you handle all tasks. Keep everything in balance and implement your tasks with dedication to the moment. Because remember that this moment represents your life.


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