Care of parents

Care of parents

Care of parents

Underlying thoughts of people:

“How do you deal with it when parents are old and sick? Dad died unexpectedly and I am a carer for a mother. How do you deal with it then? It’s not always just about when you have younger parents and you can just leave……how can you do that?“


Energy follows your attention. You have a certain amount of life energy within you that you can use for what is important to you. For what you believe is right. If you have parents in need of care, you can decide how to deal with them. You can enjoy the moment with devotion and care for your mother with devotion to the moment, or have her cared for by specialists. But causing yourself suffering because you believe you have to save or help another person because of your own feelings of guilt is self-destruction.


My experience

Every person on this planet is important because they are part of the whole. But the family has a strong bond with us. And family is important to me personally. From my experience I can report that I saw my grandparents in need of care. My aunt was a geriatric nurse and looked after my grandfather for a while, but she gradually got lost in the situation, which no longer made her happy. Her strength and energy diminished and we decided to hand my grandfather over to a well-kept facility for the last part of his life. My aunt always made sure everything was going well there too. Trained nursing staff were able to lovingly care for him on site.


Do the following

However you deal with such a situation, it is up to you how you live your life. But a guilty conscience or other deep inner feelings can weigh on you. They can stop you from following a path like my family. You decide about your life, no one else does. You have control over how you deal with such a situation and where you direct your energy. No matter what situation you live in, you can also use such moments for yourself. You can see the care of your parents with dedication to the moment and be there for them, but don’t forget yourself. Enjoy and realize that you only have the present moment. Use it for yourself and not against yourself and you will realize that you can be at peace with yourself even in such moments. Because therein lies your freedom.


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