Compulsive control

Compulsive control

Compulsive control

Underlying thoughts of people:

“I have such a thing that everything always has to be tidy… a real compulsion to control… how do I get rid of that?”


If you believe that you suffer from a compulsion to control and always have to do everything clean and tidy, then you can let go of this compulsion as soon as you become aware of it. Your external world is a mirror of your internal world. If you are pure and clear with yourself, you automatically align your external world with it. You want your environment to be neat and clean. You appreciate it when your outside world is also pure and clear. But this can develop into a compulsion and pressure within you through your mind. Not even letting something stand and be, but thinking that it has to continue to be clean. Order and cleanliness become a compulsion.


My experience

I also love things neat, clean and clear. Not just within me, but also in my outside world. For me: frugal, but quality. Conscious, but enjoyable. Cleanliness, but no pressure. Balance. Someone once said to me that you could eat off my floor because everything was so clean and pure. Which made me reflect: “Does it have to be like this? Always being subjected to this compulsion and this physical pressure to have to clean everything?”

I realized that I could let go of this compulsion the moment I became aware of it while cleaning. I can let the situation be and divide my energy and control it the way I need it so that I don’t have to see order and cleanliness as a constraint. For me, every moment of my life is meditation and sweeping is also part of my life. To create purity and clarity without coercion or pressure and to keep my own world clean in a relaxed manner.


Do the following

You too recognize the moments of compulsion. When you once again put pressure on yourself to get something done quickly because you want to be enough. If the stress of having to do something compulsively arises, let it go. You don’t have to do anything, just be sure that you can. To direct your own life energy, to divide it up and to do what you want in balance with devotion to the moment is freedom. You decide about your energy and how you use it for what and when. This also applies to your purity, clarity, order and cleanliness in yourself and your life.


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