Finding inner peace

Finding inner peace

Finding inner peace

Underlying thoughts of people:

“So many things trigger me, the people, the wars, the environmental pollution, the suffering of animals, and that’s why I prefer to be alone in my inner bubble where everything is fine, but is that the solution, the goal…? Does that help anyone or anything outside if I find peace and calm within myself in the now?”


If you are at peace and calm with yourself, no matter where you are, then you radiate that. You give your energy to peace and being, you feel arrived, at home and comfortable in the here and now. If you focus all your energy on the suffering of this world, on the thoughts of it, then you will feel suffering within yourself, because a thought also triggers a reaction, a feeling in your body. It’s about you and your thoughts and actions and not about others.


My experience

I also wanted to change everything in my outside world, thinking I had to “make a difference” to make others feel better. I wanted to change other people so that they could recognize themselves. But I realized one thing from all of this: if I am at peace with myself, am the peace itself and in my full joy of life and strength, then I radiate that. I can pass this energy on to other people so that they can come into harmony with themselves. And that’s all I can do to reduce suffering in this world.

I clearly convey this message to the outside world and live for the joy of life, the light of this world. Because what’s the point of concentrating on suffering? It’s just my own thoughts that keep me from the peace within. That’s why I give my energy to joy and use profound moments and inner processes, as well as pain, for myself.


Do the following

Be aware that it is you who is paying attention to all these thoughts of suffering in this world. This only happens within you. But also be clear that it primarily only harms you, because you are suffering because of these thoughts. Peace within you creates peace outside. It is therefore primarily about you and your peace and not about your outside world or other people. Realize that you can only control your own thoughts. But not situations or thoughts of others. You can control your thoughts and take your energy away from them. Or channel it into joy and beauty and align your actions accordingly. This not only helps you, but also all the people around you. They then feel your light – consciously or unconsciously.


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