Headaches and tension

Headaches and tension

Headaches and tension

Underlying thoughts of people:

“That’s a problem for me at the moment. Could you explain that in a little more detail?”


Your life, your experiences, everything you do and have done has been stored in your body over the years. If you don’t process this consciously, these events will be stored in your subconscious. This is now noticeable in your body with tension and headaches. Tension causes suffering and pain, which in turn activates your thoughts and keeps you trapped in pain, including psychologically. An eternal cycle. So all the tensions are caused by your thoughts – unconsciously. Everything that affects you unconsciously makes you react and automatically creates tension in your body. If you don’t react, you won’t be in tension. But you will only see more clearly when you are alert to yourself and move your mind more and more towards stillness.


My experience

I, too, was often very tense. I believed I had to protect myself from other people and was always in a reaction position. My whole body was in constant tension to react and “defend” myself. But it was I myself who caused all this suffering within me. This primarily had nothing to do with other people, but rather with me and my thoughts, my reactions, because I wasn’t aware of them. I reacted before anything even happened and often the situation never even occurred. Tension and headaches were the result of these unconscious patterns.


Do the following

Peace is only within us – in you and can be found nowhere else. And you only realize that when you let go of your thoughts and feelings, relax, and realize that nothing in your outside world is allowed to disturb your peace. Use quiet places for yourself. Places that have nothing to do with your current life and experiences because they are neutral. Places that are in nature to let free energies affect you. Free from any judgments, prejudices and reactions. Use physical work to release tension in joints, muscles and body parts. It’s important to know that this is all about you. Because we often blame our outside world for our own issues within us. And only when you resolve these issues within yourself can you create peace in your outside world.


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