Recognizing suffering

Recognizing suffering

Recognizing suffering

Underlying thoughts of people:

“How can I change this, the condition, feelings and suffering? Don’t see how anyone can think otherwise?”


You ask how you can change the state and you also want to understand how you can think differently. Where do these questions take place? Where are you sending all your energy right now? There is nothing to change, nothing to understand. Your mind keeps you stuck in constant questioning, do you recognize it? Be aware that these questions are – quite simply – taking place in your mind and they are holding you back from what you so desperately desire. It’s so simple, but the mind makes it so complicated. If you ask, if you want to know and understand, then you are not living in the present moment, but in your mind.


Notice and do the following

You can only change the state of suffering, feelings of suffering by moving your mind to silence. There is only this one way. No longer asking, wanting to understand, wanting to search, wanting to reach or find. There is only now. And only your mind asks such questions. It’s not about thinking differently or positively, but primarily about stopping thinking all the thoughts in order to bring your body to rest. However, this is only possible when you let go of all consumption – let go. Just no TV, no smartphone, no radio, no other people… Stop letting any distractions affect you. Don’t read these lines anymore. Only then will you recognize your mind and the suffering it is holding you captive in.

So as long as you’re still looking, read – like this post here – you’ll be in your mind. For that long you are not aware of the present moment, but rather in your thoughts. You want to understand, read in this moment instead of letting everything go and perceiving the present moment. Notice where you are, what surrounds you and how you are feeling. Recognizing suffering means noticing that your thoughts are asking the questions. Let go of these questions and come back to the present moment. It’s very simple: let everything go and you realize. Let feelings be there, let them out, live through them and you will find more and more peace.


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