Setting boundaries

Setting boundaries

Setting boundaries

Underlying thoughts of people:

“How to differentiate yourself? Inner peace comes from now awareness… it’s not that easy.“


Inner peace comes from now awareness – inner peace is always there – at the time “now”. But if you think that it is not so easy to distance yourself from other people or situations, you direct your energy into your mind. You pay attention to an assessment of a situation. You don’t realize that you’re spending your time and energy wondering how to set boundaries instead of practicing and implementing it.


My experience

Inner peace is already present within you at this moment. You will recognize this especially when you consciously know how to differentiate yourself. I also didn’t know how to define myself and show boundaries to other people, while wanting to please everyone, gave other people too much energy and ignored myself. I didn’t listen to my body, to that quiet voice inside me, but instead hurt myself by only listening to my mind and being there for others in my outside world and completely forgot about myself. This quickly led to suffering and people sensed this in my presence.

Today I know how to consciously control my energy. I keep energy within myself and give out as much as I think is necessary and physically perceive. I am consciously there for other people, but primarily for myself. Because I know that when I’m doing well, everyone else is doing well too. I feel the boundaries within myself that I have to draw in order not to lose myself. I perceive this limit when I move my mind into complete silence.


Do the following

Listen to yourself and use that quiet voice within you to be able to perceive boundaries. Practice this with other people. You don’t even have to say anything, you just have to withdraw into yourself and block out the outside world, don’t give it any more energy – calm your thoughts. You will notice what you can achieve through this. Consciously set boundaries by listening to yourself – not to your mind, which tells you to please, to look great or to do something out of guilt that your inner being doesn’t want to do. Direct your energy towards yourself and learn to use it consciously.


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