The difference between inner voice and mind

The difference between inner voice and mind

The difference between inner voice and mind

Underlying thoughts of people:

“It’s always what you think. So Sabrina would now say that it’s all just in the head.”


What you think and believe will be truth for you. But know that nothing is as it seems. Because your life appears the way you see it. How you perceive it with all your senses and evaluate it through your mind. Every person has different experiences, grows up somewhere different and is surrounded by other people. This influences the way everyone thinks, feels and behaves. This results in the appearance that we are all different. But at our core, we are all connected to one another and carry a certain life energy within us that needs to be directed. We can all learn through and from each other. Therefore, your world appears the way you perceive it and make it so.


My experience

At this point of view, for me there are two paths that are crucial for my life: my mind and my intuition, or my inner voice, my heart, God, the universe, however you name and evaluate the power and strength for yourself. First I listen to this quiet voice, my body and what it shows me, what is right or not. I compare the current situation with my inner voice. Only then do I use my mind to implement it. Very easy. Because my intuition, my heart shows me the way and my mind is only there to provide a solution for the way.

All dreams, all travels and experiences of my life led me from the heart to the mind. That’s why I like to explore and travel. Get to know new people and their ways of thinking. Different perspectives expand my own knowledge and skills. But one thing is clear: I do what my inner voice tells me and then use my mind wisely. What other people think and say doesn’t matter to me, because I know that if I don’t follow the path of my heart, I will suffer. Nothing gives me more clarity and purity than following this power within me.


Do the following

Be aware of what you let control you and listen to your body and what it has to tell you. If you are suffering, then the path you are currently on may not be yours. Be aware of the difference between inner voice and mind. Recognize your inner voice and listen, because it’s not always what you think. It is as your heart, that small voice within you and your body indicate. Be aware of yourself in these moments to go your own way. And use your mind wisely to perceive and experience the path in abundance in the here and now.


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