The perfect day

The perfect day

The perfect day

Underlying thoughts of people:

“Sabrina, what’s your perfect day?”


My experience

The “perfect” day is also just a thought that seems to believe that life has to be perfect.

I perceive and let it be and direct my energy where I need it in order to make the most of every moment and use it for myself and others. A moment is what it is, whether perfect or not is only an assessment of the mind.

For me there is only the present moment and I use it for myself instead of against myself. No matter whether in inner processes of pain or in joy. For me, everything is part of life. I direct my energy consciously and control my thoughts and actions the way I want them to be. Use the calm to calm my thoughts and feelings, or get into action. I direct my energy again and again into the positive in the here and now.

No matter what I do or where I am. For me, the most effective thing in my life is the peace and physical movement in nature – in the waves of the sea or the mountains. I love using nature for myself and being one with it. To feel the strength and power that she gives us. I enjoy being with people and being a light bearer for them. Food is a passion and I love a balanced enjoyment, such as enjoying a cappuccino…

Every moment in my life belongs to me. I direct my energy instead of using it against myself. It’s not that I don’t have any thoughts anymore, because I’m human and I’m on the move in life, but I know how to deal with these thoughts and control them. I like being alone with myself and love the independence that I live every moment, no matter where I am, what I’m doing or who people are near me.

There is no perfect day for me, only the present moment. I live this out again and again consciously and with great joy. If there are moments that cause me physical or mental pain, then I also see these as useful. Reflect on the situation, retreat into silence and let thoughts and feelings be there to drive inner processes forward. If I let these processes work consciously within me, I know that my life will then be accompanied by a change. Because everything is constantly changing and is in constant change. And I love change – change is natural.


Do the following

Be aware that you too can take advantage of every moment of your life. How you evaluate him or the situation is your point of view and does not have to correspond to that of others. Direct your energy wisely instead of letting it control you. Make the most of every moment in your life and don’t overthink your life, live it.


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