Too much energy in the body

Too much energy in the body

Too much energy in the body

Underlying thoughts of people:

“I have so much energy in my body, I don’t even know how to get rid of it…?”


Every person contributes to the bigger picture. Every person has a different task that they have to fulfill, which lies in their own inner peace and cannot be found in the mind. No matter what your task is. Whatever energy was provided to you in this life, you decide on this life energy and how you control it. There are moments when your body tells you to calm down, you have no energy. And there are moments when you are bursting with your own energy and both are part of every person and a basic component of life. Listen to your body and use your energy for yourself instead of letting it control you.


My experience

My life has taken me through the deepest lows and the highest highs. Joy, like suffering, is a part of human life. Transience and change is the natural process of life and my life energy needs to be controlled – nothing more, nothing less. If I experience moments in which I feel little to no energy and my body clearly tells me to be at rest, then I give it to it. If I perceive a lot of energy in my body and that I am bursting with energy, then I use this to live and create. I use my life energy to advance my own projects, to shape my life the way I want it and for physical exercise in nature.


Do the following

It is important to direct the power and strength within you and get rid of excess energy instead of letting it control you. Don’t go against your natural flow of life just because you listen to your mind. Notice your body and be aware of the energy available to you at this moment. If you have too much energy in your body, use physical activity to reduce it. Use your energy to creatively implement your own projects that want to be heard through your inner voice. If your body requires rest to advance and heal internal processes, listen to it. Listen to him and how much energy he is providing you now. And realize how much energy you can use for yourself and other people.


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