Using moon phases

Using moon phases

Using moon phases

Underlying thoughts of people:

“I haven’t slept so well the last two nights and had so bad dreams, today I’m dead tired, isn’t that really the full moon?”


Man, you like me, we are nature – a living creature of nature. If you consciously perceive yourself and your body, then you will know that there are greater powers than just your mind. The strength and power of nature influences everything, including the phases of the moon. Nature is constantly changing, changing, it comes and goes – just go with it. But if you don’t listen to this power within you, just follow your mind and what it tells you, you will suffer. Because at the latest through physical complaints your body will show you that it means to come to peace and calm. If you already perceive yourself, you also know intuitively that the moon has an influence on your body. This is particularly noticeable on nights of the full or new moon.


My experience

During the phases of the new moon, my body is in lethargic and melancholic states. I just want to retreat into peace, reflect and rethink my life. It is precisely in these phases and days that I am only concerned with myself and tend to avoid people. Do what brings me well-being, e.g. going to the sauna, and use this time to initiate new things – to initiate new things, because I perceive inner processes and my intuition very strongly. If I listen carefully, I intuitively know what’s new in the phases. My mind is very quiet at this time and I have less energy than during the full moon phases.

During the phases of the full moon I have so much energy that I can implement everything that I initiated beforehand. So in the days leading up to the night of the full moon I am very active. I travel a lot and enjoy being with people during this time. During the phases I don’t start new projects, but rather finish what I initiated in the new moon phases. I get things done and consciously use my energy for implementation and other people.


Do the following

You can also consciously use the phases of the moon for yourself so that you can use your energy profitably on the respective days. Have trust in your life and don’t always let your mind decide. Notice what your body needs now and let go of what your mind wants to achieve with pressure. Then you will soon realize that life is so much easier if you use these phases to your advantage. If you continue to go against your nature, your body will show you. But why suffer when it is so much easier and the power of nature shows us what to do?


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