Wanting to understand everything

Wanting to understand everything

Wanting to understand everything

Underlying thoughts of people:

“Sabrina, I want to understand this, I have to understand this.”


If you want to understand everything, that’s neither good nor bad. But you pay attention to all the pressure and tension inside you. Because if you want to know everything and derive it mentally, evaluate it and know it down to the smallest detail, that can also be a burden for your body. Wanting to know everything in detail creates tension within you, as every single thought can trigger a reaction in your body.


My experience

Curiosity shapes my life. I have always explored life, tried new things, loved traveling and being on the move, getting to know people and observing all the different ways of thinking and behaving. But I wanted to understand from personal and painful situations why people react the way they do. I wanted to understand everything and my mind kept me trapped in the carousel of thoughts.

I was constantly overthinking situations instead of simply directing the energy from my mind into the present moment and letting go. To let it be. But again and again I caused reactions in my body that kept me in constant tension. Today I know that I no longer have to understand everything. I use my mind wisely to acquire the knowledge that brings me joy and interests me. I consciously ask people about their lives and learn from them – get to know their perspective. This is how I use my thoughts for myself and my life.


Do the following

You too, use your mind wisely. Make it work for you by using it to gain knowledge and experience. By consciously using your energy and creating your life to the fullest. Don’t always try to know everything, especially not how others think and behave. It’s not your perspective, it’s that of others. Direct your energy consciously to acquire the knowledge that truly interests you. Stop holding yourself in tension, let go of unnecessary thoughts of wanting to understand and recognize the peace within you. Because once you acknowledge the calm within you, you also know that you no longer have to compulsively understand everything. Because you know it only disturbs your inner peace.


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