What to do when bored

What to do when bored

What to do when bored

Underlying thoughts of people:

“I still need some task, that can’t be everything…?!”


Enduring boredom and living through it consciously can seem very difficult for you. Thoughts arise that you are missing out on something, that you are not living life to the fullest, or that you are wondering about your purpose in life. The primary thing, however, is to recognize that it is your mind that is looking for something to do in your outside world. You’re looking for something to do so you don’t have to notice yourself. Enduring calm and consciously experiencing boredom is always an aspect of my life. Life is living and waiting. Having patience for everything to come into your life at the right time and then doing what is necessary at that time. But if you look for something to do and a task in your outside world, it’s just your mind looking for something to avoid noticing itself. This is an escape from yourself.


Do the following

Consciously allow yourself to be bored and just be there in this moment without thinking anything or having a task. If there’s nothing to do right now, there’s nothing to do right now. It is what it is, notice yourself and observe what your thoughts are doing and what they are looking for. If you find peace again, realize that you can consciously control your energy from within yourself. Then you will no longer ask yourself what your task is, but will automatically start implementing it. The heart doesn’t ask questions, but simply leads you into implementation as you do what fulfills you. Because you intuitively know what to do in such moments. It is your mind that you are giving your attention to instead of doing that and directing your energy into doing what fulfills you from within. Then when it is necessary.


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