Why are we here?

Why are we here?

Why are we here?

Underlying thoughts of people:


“Sometimes I wonder why we’re even here…?”


Every now and then your head asks questions to which no one has an answer. Neither science nor spirituality provides any information with certainty and certainty about what the meaning of life is. No other living being deals with this question more than humans. We are constantly being driven internally to embrace change – the natural law of evolution. It is human nature to evolve and we are the only living being that is a victim of our own thoughts. Whatever you think about the meaning of life, however you define it, determines your life. If you continue to ask yourself why we are here and what the meaning of life is, you continue to search – mentally – for meaning.

It is precisely then that you forget to fully accept and live the present moment. People build skyscrapers, fly to the moon, waste resources, live in depression, wage war and slaughter themselves to boost their own egos through recognition. Man continues to search for himself – strangely enough, on the moon, in social recognition or through further achievements, as well as in his own thoughts. People look outside for the meaning of life, instead of switching off the outside world and letting it be, and being aware of their own thoughts, feelings and actions that they project into the world.


My experience

I’ve been searching all my life. I’ve lived different lives, tried out a lot, traveled a lot, only to have to realize through a lot of pain in my early 30s that for me the only truth lies in being at peace with myself – here and now in this moment – my surroundings and my life to be. To savor this moment to the full without thinking about why we are here in the first place. For me, the meaning of life is to use the present moment as I make it so through my actions.

I enjoy the present moment, using my thoughts clearly and wisely for what is to come. Put my life into practice but don’t worry about questions that lie far beyond the limits of our understanding. Because the question of the meaning of life lies beyond what our minds can understand. There are people who are constantly searching for the meaning of life, just like I was, instead of recognizing the present moment and enjoying it – beyond absurd thoughts.


Do the following

If you ask yourself again about the meaning of life, give your life meaning. Whatever you do, whatever dreams, whatever talents, whatever paths you pursue in your life at this moment, it is your own thoughts and actions that determine your life. Be aware of the tricks your mind is playing on you and be the master of your own thoughts. The search for meaning only takes place in your head. No matter what you think or what you believe, it is your mind that is playing tricks on you and obviously limiting your life. Life is happening at this moment when you are reading these lines. Everything else is an illusion going on in your head. Whatever you believe and think makes you not be in the present moment, but in the mind. Stop asking about the meaning of life, give your life meaning and live.


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