Get rid of negative thoughts

Get rid of negative thoughts

Get rid of negative thoughts

Underlying thoughts of people:

“Unfortunately, I also see a lot of things negatively. Haven’t found a way to change that yet.”

Being aware that you view situations in your life through a negative lens is the first step to self-awareness. If you are clear about your thoughts, that you may seem stuck at a point in your life, your mind is on the search to get out of the madness. Nevertheless, you pay attention to the negative aspects of your life, neither seeing the beauty of the present moment nor accepting it. Your thoughts determine your being. This causes you to fight against a developmental process within yourself and continue to fuel the attention of negativity.

My experience:

My life is also characterized by many negative, seemingly difficult and painful phases. In such phases, I looked for myself and my happiness in relationships, in films, in books, in videos, in other people and their perspectives, or even in escaping from myself by wanting to feel better through sweet foods and an incorrect diet . These phases of development seemed painful and almost depressive to me. But I had no choice but to accept them and surrender to them completely. Continuing to fight against them seemed compulsive and draining to me, cost a lot of time and energy and suddenly seemed completely pointless to me.

I allowed these negative feelings completely, without making any judgments, without judging this phenomenon. At that moment something completely unexpected happened. By accepting these phases, I no longer paid attention to the negativity. The situation resolved itself, I gradually relaxed and took in the moment without judging it. It was becoming aware of this process that freed me from melancholy. In the course of this event, something interesting became clear to me: No matter whether positive or negative thoughts – the fact is that you are in your thoughts with your attention.


Do the following:

Realize that it is pointless to fight against such a negative development process within yourself. If you continue to feel these thoughts and painful sensations, you continue to hold on to thoughts of resistance. Stop fighting this melancholy within you. Recognize that your views seem to be what you think they are, and experience them without judgment or continuing to ruminate about them. Refrain from looking for yourself in books, videos, other people’s perspectives and accept the present moment without judgment. Through the process of letting go, you will soon no longer pay attention to your negative thoughts and can consciously decide to live a life according to your ideas.


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