Why do I feel no anger?

Why do I feel no anger?

Why do I feel no anger?

Underlying thoughts of people:

“Why can it be that I don’t feel anger? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?… ()… Feelings (of others) need to come out clearly, but how can I deal with them better?“


If you are already at a level of consciousness in which you perceive feelings of anger in those around you, but no longer perceive anger in yourself, this is neither good nor bad. Good or bad represents an evaluation of your thoughts. They are simply feelings that people should experience in order to free themselves and recognize inner peace. Due to the conditioning of previous generations, anger, for example through domestic violence, is passed on to children. It is essential that people release this feeling in order to live in harmony and peace.

If you are clear with yourself, you will most likely no longer feel repressed feelings. Anger or aggression are feelings that no longer fit into your life. You represent the peace, tranquility and light of this world. If you treat people with love and goodwill because of this, it can release suppressed feelings of anger in them. For you it is a task to learn to deal with these feelings and accept that they exist. You are a light to this world once you learn to deal with these emotions. Engage emphatically with people in order to be able to support them with your love.


My experience

My development phases were characterized by anger, dissatisfaction and aggression. I had no idea why I felt this way or how I could get myself out of this predicament. Suppressed feelings built up inside me and soon had to be released. But as I lived my life, I realized that I couldn’t solve anything with anger. It seemed pointless and exhausting to act out on other people. Inner peace and deep calm led me to the realization that giving love, or energy to others, was the only truth. I accept the feelings of others that can erupt in the presence of my being and let them be, because I know I am a trigger for them. You can learn to perceive and free yourself through this process.


Do the following

Realize that you are awakening those around you with your light, your love, your energy, whatever you want to call the fact. You trigger them. Their feelings erupt in your presence. Be aware of the task you have to complete. Don’t shy away from such situations any longer, live your authority with regard to love. You have the gift of healing, being there for others and letting them know themselves. Isolating yourself and making it clear to yourself that these represent the feelings and thoughts of the other person represents your development and your learning process. Live the authority of love, stand up for it and learn to accept the feelings of those around you. Be a light for our world.


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