Why do I keep attracting the same people?

Why do I keep attracting the same people?

Why do I keep attracting the same people?

Underlying thoughts:

“I don’t know why I keep attracting the same situations and people into my life. That must have something to do with me too…”


Your life only gives you what you need to know yourself. To then release to you what is truly meant for you. If you are open to the people in your life who trigger you and give you the lessons you need, then you recognize the beauty in life. You will realize that it is your mind that is stopping you from recognizing inner peace. Your life continues to give you the same lessons until you realize that it is time to let go, let out feelings, notice the silence in order to move on. But if you don’t listen, if you don’t recognize that your life keeps giving you the same lessons, then you will remain trapped in it and continue to be annoyed by the situation.


My experience

My life also gave me similar situations and people again and again. Until I realized that these circumstances must have something to do with me. So I kept attracting the same type of man into my life who was a victim of his own subconscious issues. Unconditional giving was second nature to me, I was there 100% and lost myself every time. I could neither define myself nor understand what it was really about. I realized that every person, every relationship and every situation caused the energetic attraction of my own thoughts and feelings. A person made me clearly show my boundaries through outbursts of anger. Now I no longer allow myself to attract people into victim roles and represent my point of view clearly and clearly. But if I hadn’t been given these lessons by life, I wouldn’t know how to live my own authority.

Why do I keep attracting the same people?

Do the following

Life gives you new lessons every day that you need to recognize. If you continue to think and feel the way you do right now, it will continue to show you the same issues. As a result, you keep attracting the same people. So recognize yourself in the aspects just mentioned. Be aware of your thoughts and actions toward yourself and others. Be clear about your energetic charisma and that it is you who attracts these people, situations and lessons into your life. Your life is a mirror of yourself and this mirror is held up to you until you recognize yourself in it.


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