Healing through triggering

Healing through triggering

Healing through triggering

Underlying thoughts of people:

“Yes, I can imagine that you trigger people…”


Everything that triggers you, that you absorb through your senses (hearing, seeing, tasting, other people’s statements) and that causes deep painful reactions in your thoughts and feelings, that you vehemently deny, are topics that you have not yet consciously processed. You can use healing through triggering in every moment of your life. No matter what you do, where you are, or who you surround yourself with. Because any aspect of your life that causes a reaction in your body is a trigger that makes you wake up. Through which you can free yourself and realize inner peace. If you are at peace with yourself, you can consciously decide what or who you react to.


My experience

Throughout my life and until I was 33, I used triggering unconsciously and very successfully to acknowledge my inner peace. Every person, every situation, every battle that I fought within myself represented a trigger for myself and others. Through every painful situation, I was able to release myself more and more. I was able to perceive myself vigilantly and experience and let go of my unconscious issues of pain and strife. Until I realized through a deep, depressive experience that I create and can therefore control my own thoughts and feelings as well as physical complaints.

Not only have I been triggered throughout my life, I have also triggered others. I believed that I was the problem even though I was just there. People judged me, expressed anger at me. They didn’t think what I was doing was right. Until I realized that all of these statements were happening in other people. I realized that I control my way of thinking and behavior and not other people. When I realized this, I was suddenly able to make very conscious statements. Statements that helped other people. Even today I consciously trigger myself. I am honest, open-hearted and direct, consciously say what I think in order to wake people up. This is the only way people can find more and more peace in themselves. No matter how much anger is unleashed on me. Because I know that it is not my issues that I am awakening.


Do the following

You too can benefit from healing through triggering by recognizing yourself through other people. No matter whether consciously or unconsciously. All reactions that are caused within you by your external world represent a trigger for you. This allows you to recognize yourself. Use every situation, every statement people make. Use everything that affects you in your external world to continually let go, accept and recognize your peace through triggering. Triggering is therefore a helpful means of evoking and releasing unconscious reactions and experiences into consciousness in your life process. If you use this method day after day, if you are vigilant towards yourself, you will recognize your salvation through liberation.


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