Dissolve conditioning

Dissolve conditioning

Dissolve conditioning

Underlying thoughts:

“But isn’t it the case that, according to the law of resonance, you always meet toxic people because, as a child of narcissistic parents, you have the introjects? I would be very interested in how I can get these introjects out of me, I haven’t found a solution yet.“


Your life is a mirror and a process of yourself. The people you meet and let into your life, attract as partners in a relationship, are results of your inner world. Everyone you meet has a lesson for you – no matter what it may be. Introjects or conditioning from your parents, your teachers, the people who surround you, your joy, your partner determine your life. All the introjects of your environment, how you grew up, determine your actions, your ways of thinking and feeling. You can easily dissolve this conditioning by recognizing yourself in other people. Every argument, every argument, every discussion, everything that triggers you is always you. It is your thoughts that discuss, deal with other people and cause tension in your body.


My experience

You can use every person and every situation as a lesson to help you disengage. Letting go of the people who – unconsciously – introjected you with their views. My father was a managing director and with his excessive demands and sometimes explosive nature, he hurt the people around him – including me. This deepened through tension in my body, joints, feelings and thoughts. Many years later, a life partner triggered this trigger in me and I was finally able to free myself because I became aware of it.


Do the following

If you release your conditioning, you will no longer attract these people into your life because you will become aware of your subconscious conditioning. The solution to becoming aware of your thoughts and conditioning lies in the lessons of the people who trigger you. Use triggering to free yourself. Release thoughts and emotions in your body. It is the process of life that brings you to your peace. Every person, every situation makes you aware of your conditioning. You attract these people into your life so that you can see yourself in them. They are your teachers for letting go. And they are in your life until you become aware of your conditioning.

Let discussions be, let people be and only when you have learned your lesson. Only when you have consciously experienced your emotions, healed your body and recognized your thoughts. Your opinion about something, your aggression towards someone, your narcissistic ways of thinking and acting towards someone lie within you. Recognize yourself in the mirror of life through others, dissolve through conditioning, become aware of your thoughts and detach yourself from them. Additionally, use Yin Yoga to free yourself from the energy and tension that has built up in your body over the years. And with the process you will find more and more inner peace in order to finally arrive within yourself.


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