Create spatial separation

Create spatial separation


Underlying thoughts:

“I have a question, do you have a tip if I can’t create a spatial separation because the other person is unconscious, toxic, but on the other hand is a reliable friend that I have known all my life? On the one hand toxic, on the other hand we are soulmates….”


If you want to continue to have this person close to you and if you like him very much, then recognize your unconditional love for him without asking for anything back. But don’t lose yourself in the process. Take time for yourself, wherever that may be. And recognize what your body demands, because your mind holds tight to it. If you don’t listen to your body, you will suffer. Find peace within yourself, direct your life energy towards yourself and give it as much as you want – keep balance. Always leave the situation and talk to him openly and honestly about his issues. Then you create healing for him.


My experience

I also meet people who cannot quiet their minds and resolve subconscious issues. There are people in my life that I like very much – I like to give. But my body also needs rest in order to let my energy flow freely, independent of the energies of others. For me, spatial separation is therefore very important. Former life partners had an equally toxic effect on me. I always energetically attracted those for whom I sacrificed myself and completely forgot myself in the relationship – my own subject.

But I realized that I can give unconditionally, no matter who that person is. And I leave the situation when I feel that I am losing myself in the relationship and also in friendships. I even turned away from some dear people completely because they were unable to open up to what I was doing today. Now I know that it is I who am full of energy and love. And I give when I want to and not to sacrifice myself to be seen or loved.


Do the following

If you are in a relationship or have people in your life that you like very much, but despite everything they have a toxic effect on you, take care of yourself. Recognize the issues that are being evoked in you – just being there for yourself and creating a separation (spatial, physical). This is the only way you will keep toxic energies away from yourself in the long term and stay pure and clear with yourself. This is the only way you will be able to continue to give energy without losing yourself in other people. Because every person radiates what they think and which subconscious issues they have not yet solved. You surround yourself with this energy – be aware of what this energy is doing to you. Because we are all connected…


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