Empathy – perception of feelings of other living beings

Empathy – perception of feelings of other living beings

Empathy – perception of feelings of other living beings

Underlying thoughts:

“I perceive programs, belief patterns, beliefs and even illnesses in other people, even if I don’t even know these people! Do you know that, too?“


If you have already solved your unconscious processes and are aware of the current moment, then you perceive all energies. Not only do you notice that your own life energy is available to you, but you also sense the energies of other people or living beings. It can be a burden to be around people who are not at peace with themselves. They live in resentment, dissatisfaction or illness and radiate this energetically. You notice these belief patterns, their pain or even their illnesses as soon as you are fully aware of yourself. This can be a burden for you if you don’t know how to differentiate yourself.


My experience

I have felt the energies of other living beings all my life. I even feel these energies in animals and places I travel. Vigilance takes its toll. To notice that there are people who live in fear, insecurity, anger and deep pain. I too was often surrounded by people who were not clear about themselves – feeling their pain – but I didn’t know how to deal with it at the time. I thought I was the problem, when all I felt was their pain. As soon as I left the situation, I realized that I was clear within myself, but felt oppressive energies around these people.

Over time I learned to deal with it and even today I still find myself in situations that make me cringe. Many people live in pain and the only thing I can do is be a mirror for them. I also feel energy that is free and clear. I sense when people are at peace with themselves and know what it means to lead a conscious life. There are places that are energetically clear and attractive to me. I currently live in the Allgäu and it is, so far, the only place that allows me to breathe freely in the long term. It is the place where I feel that free energies exist. Here in South Africa, where I am at the moment, I feel pain and tension, perhaps because there is great poverty in this place…


Do the following

If you already perceive free energies, are clear and at peace with yourself, then you also feel the lower energies of other living beings. Practice maintaining your energy level and supporting other people by simply being there for others. Let them know themselves and that they don’t have to live in this pain. You can stand by them and be a helping hand. You are a light for this world because you perceive and can balance energies. Because consciously or unconsciously other people sense your soothing presence. Either they judge you because they feel triggered by your energy, or they admire you because of that. But it’s not about being admired or judged, it’s about creating balance for everyone. It’s about making people realize that they are responsible for themselves and their own inner peace.


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