Silence for the sake of peace

Silence for the sake of peace

Silence for the sake of peace

Underlying thoughts:

„Sometimes you need to say how you are feeling … !“


If you remain silent about an internal topic instead of clearly saying what you think, you are suppressing the same topic again. You suppress your own energies, which continues to trigger a build-up of energy within you, making you resigned and dissatisfied. Silence for the sake of peace does not solve your issues or those of other people. It is important to recognise the balance between when something needs to be said and when you should remain silent.


My experience

I used to often say what I thought and hurt a lot of people. I didn’t think about what and how I said something, but stubbornly stuck to my opinion. But there were also times when I consciously said how I felt and what I thought. Not only did this release my energy stagnation, but other people also recognised their own unconscious issues. Even today, I sometimes find myself in situations where I sense pain, drama, anger, or dissatisfaction from others. Sometimes I consciously say exactly what I think and how I see the situation. I say clearly, with some emphasis, why people should not blame others. It is always the person themselves who creates their own suffering and radiates this into the outside world.

It is difficult for me to accept that people blame other people for their issues because I empathise and feel other people’s feelings. For me, injustice, suffering, drama and shifting responsibility to others is not the solution, but rather the problem of humanity. Because can’t we humans live together in peace, full of joy and happiness? And if things don’t go so well, the issue will be solved together. But why accumulate these issues and energies when there is the possibility of living in peace and harmony?

Being in the presence of these people when you can sense their painful feelings is not a pleasant thing for me. That’s why I sometimes say what I think and that’s exactly what often meets with resistance. People who already know me know, that I tell like it is, and that these are their own issues that they can become aware of. If I put energy into a situation, it is often not easy for me to find the right words so as not to hurt people. But people have to hear the truth and therefore go through the apparent “pain”. If I remain silent for the sake of peace, I don’t feel good, because I know I can’t solve anything through silence, but only through conscious discussion.


Do the following

Expressing your own inner thoughts and feelings to other people, grieving, being angry is essential to becoming aware of your inner issues. Not only can you release yourself by clearly expressing how you feel inside, but you can also help other people by allowing them to reflect on what you say. Listen to your inner self and when is the right time to talk. Listen to your inner voice to recognise when it is better to remain silent. If it serves you and the release of your energy congestion, your inner issues, then it also serves other people. But there are also situations in which it seems clearer to remain calm, to remain silent, and perhaps precisely because you are already at peace with yourself.


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