Letting go of guilt

Letting go of guilt

Letting go of guilt

Underlying thoughts:

“I know, you’re so right. I just didn’t want to be to blame for once…!”


Feelings of guilt, and also thoughts of your own guilt, are suffering that you create for yourself. Thoughts of guilt make you feel a sense of guilt. You are tense, sad, insecure, withdrawn and worry about thoughts that only cause you pain. Being able to admit mistakes to yourself, let go of feelings of guilt and take responsibility for them is a strength. But constantly experiencing feelings of guilt that only harm yourself are unnecessary and completely unfounded. Letting go of guilt


My experience

There were moments in my life that were also plagued by my own feelings of guilt. I felt guilty not continuing the family business. I thought it was my fault for the way I was as a person. Guilt about being honest for telling people my opinion hurt deep within me. The result was tension, self-condemnation, insecurity and suffering. But self-knowledge brought me inner peace. I learned to love myself and my being. Honesty, self-knowledge and truth make me the person who defines me. Feelings of guilt, dishonesty, justification, drama and hypocrisy don’t get me, or other people, any further. That’s why today I’m honestly saying what needs to be said. And people can reflect on themselves in the statements, even if the truth initially seems painful to them.


Do the following

Be clear about the feelings of guilt that plague you. You are or have been told that you are to blame and now you are telling yourself it. Maybe your parents make you feel like you’re to blame for everything, or even your teachers, like I did back then. Nobody is to blame for a fact or circumstance. We are human and humans make mistakes. Nobody is perfect because perfection is the control of the mind. Admit your mistakes. Communicate this to other people and free yourself from the feelings of guilt you impose on yourself.

Getting rid of feelings of guilt creates space within you to say clearly and clearly that you are not to blame, you just made a mistake. Or maybe not and you are not even aware of an error. It is a conditioning, a thought of guilt that makes you feel bad and guilty. Remove this burden from yourself the moment you experience these feelings. Find your way back into the moment and say what needs to be said. Experience your feelings consciously and free yourself from thoughts and feelings of lack that you have imposed on yourself. Letting go of guilt

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