Having expectations

Having expectations

Having expectations

Underlying thoughts:

“Sabrina, how would you deal with a neighbour who doesn’t greet you back and looks at you as if she wanted to kill you or wish you dead? (I didn’t do anything to her. My neighbor doesn’t say hello to my wife either and looks at her as if she would like to kill my wife)“


Your feeling, which is triggered by another person, has something to do with you. You expect another person to greet you. Be good to you and look at you the way you want. Be aware that your thoughts and feelings, this question, is caused by another person in you. Because what other people say and how they behave towards you is not your responsibility. And it only has an influence on you when you let it determine your own feelings. This person triggers a trigger in you.


My experience

For a long time I also thought that other people had to be kind to me. My mind was playing tricks on me and I only wanted other people to take responsibility. I wanted them to be good to me, to greet me or look at me nicely. But I realized that the responsibility to be kind and polite, to act with compassion and authority toward myself and others, was only within me. Because all the thoughts I have about myself and others at this moment only take place within me.


Do the following

Having expectations of other people automatically causes suffering. Because you constantly ponder why other people don’t act the way you want them to. You want to change other people instead of being an example for others yourself. Instead of greeting and being friendly first. Whether the person in question reacts to it or not is not your responsibility. Therefore, do not let the thoughts and feelings that other people trigger in you determine your peace and your time. Because it is primarily you who can create change. Let other people be. Stop giving them your energy and stop letting them control your life. Only then will you recognize yourself, find peace and automatically be a change for others.


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