Toxic patients and jobs

Toxic patients and professions

Toxic patients and jobs

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“Can you make a video about being a masseuse? When you have to massage people all day and always talk. And the patients have to be treated one after the other without a break, like on an assembly line, and have to stand. How can you keep your energy with you, even with patients who always complain that they are “energy robbers”?”


Everything is connected. Every living creature, every plant, has arisen through evolution. Fundamentally, we are beings made up of energy and cells. Therefore, as humans, we also feel the feelings of others when we are already consciously aware of them. It is important to know when it is other people’s energies and when it is your own feelings. Because other people’s feelings can quickly be transferred to you if you are in physical proximity to them for a long time. It can be challenging for you if you are constantly around people who are not lucid and in lower energies. People who have not yet worked through their issues and are therefore referred to as “energy thieves”.

Toxic patients and jobs

My experience

I also always test the closeness to such people, am there for them for a certain amount of time and give them my energy if they are open to it. But I consciously distance myself from them and leave the situation when I feel that it is time. Being constantly in the presence of an “energy robber” can destroy you if the other person is not willing to open up about themselves. And you can only help people change themselves when they are ready.

Toxic patients and jobs

Do the following

So make sure you take regular breaks – just time for yourself – so that you don’t lose yourself in your work because of toxic patients. Get out of the situations and make conscious decisions for yourself. If you don’t do this, you will continue to be trapped in this spiral. Do what feels good to you and let her energy flow through you. Use these situations consciously for yourself. Practice this and recognize when it is time to go. Only this will keep your peace and bring you a certain lightness and liberation.


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