Regain basic trust

Regain basic trust

Regain basic trust

Underlying thoughts:

“I always want to know everything, my mind always wants to know everything. What if basic trust is disturbed? From the first months/years of life onwards… build it up again. Or does it come back on its own over time when you stop thinking?”


Every person is connected to each other. Everything consists of a certain life energy that lies beyond what the mind can believe. Basic trust is the way of life that every person carries within themselves. You just no longer perceive this basic trust because your mind is too loud. In the first years of childhood, children discover and play. You are completely caught up in the moment and don’t worry about yesterday or tomorrow. Children are just there.


My experience

For years I too thought everything my mind told me, but I – somehow – followed my heart and the flow of my life. And only through this path did I realize peace within myself. I de-conditioned myself through my life – towards myself. Now I know that this being is always there. It is also within you now at this moment when you are reading these lines. You are. Point. You exist and now perceive where you are, what is happening around you at the moment. How the moment you are in feels right now. This is his. And from this space of being, you can use your life energy to create what your inner voice – basic trust – can tell you.


Do the following

But if you don’t listen, don’t recognize and perceive the state of being, then you only act out of your mind. You let your mind rule over you. You act out of conditioning from your parents, your teachers, your environment, etc. Quiet your mind, work on subconscious issues, use triggers from your outside world and keep letting go of situations. Engage in what brings you joy. Listen to your body and what it has to tell you and you will recognize primal trust. Your life leads you to play again, to recognize and to simply be – without constantly thinking about yesterday or tomorrow. You do and are completely in the moment and you then know exactly what to do in this moment. Because you don’t have to achieve basic trust, it’s within you. You just have to listen and be honest with yourself.


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